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AGED CARE & disability

It's a little out there, but allow yourself to be surprised by how much our friendly reptiles are enjoyed by residents of aged care and disability groups around Victoria.

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A more relaxed presentation style to meet the animals, exchange stories and encourage their peers to face their fears. 

We understand how much of an impact going the extra mile can be, particularly for this sector of our returning audiences. 

Our animal handlers are happy to assist participants to engage with animals that they may not have the dexterity to handle on their own, to ensure the experience is equally immersive.  

Love Me Like A Reptile values the opportunity to provide a unique experience to people that will challenge them, encourage them to interact with other participants and have a go. 

"Many of the residents overcame their fear of snakes and embraced holding and touching them. Residents had a fantastic day and would like to thank Olivia for staying so long, she was absolutely lovely and we can't wait for her to come back and visit- the reptiles too! " -  Testimony from Lifeview Residential Care Chelsea, Jan 2019 

$250.00 per 1 hour session

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