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Olivia first started Love Me Like A Reptile in 2016, after working as a farm hand and horse riding instructor for children. Her focus while teaching was to build a relationship of trust between horse and rider, and could see how both equines and humans thrived as a result. Olivia could also see how learning empathy and patience for another species positively affected the relationships children had with their peers both in and outside of the program. At this stage, Olivia had been keeping reptiles privately, and decided to apply the same approach to wildlife presentations and thus Love Me Like A Reptile was born! It is Olivia's goal that children can learn how to empathise with the animals that call Australia home, and regardless of the path they choose in life, carry an attitude towards the natural world that values the existence of natural spaces and the animal's that help maintain a healthy environment.

Tomas joined the team in 2019 with eight years of experience delivering educational encounters and excursions to children with farm animals. He also has a passion for horticulture, particularly Australian natives. Tomas is particularly passionate about the conservation of Australia's unique landscape, and assisting children in developing an understanding of how animals behave, their role in an ecosystem and how to interact with animals in a way that is considerate of their needs. 

Jordan joined Love Me Like A Reptile in 2022. She joined the team with a background in canine behaviour and animal husbandry, as well as a background in nannying and disability support. She was quick to fall in love with native species, particularly snakes and marsupials. Her presentation style was developed from her experience working with those living with disabilities, and creates a calm space with a group to gently encourage all to get involved with the animals. Jordan's goal is for children to feel included, relaxed and confident during the show, and to open them up to the idea of how wonderful Australia's animals can be.

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